Packing, again

Incredibly, my time in Chicago is almost over already. Just over two weeks from now, I’ll start onto another journey, moving from Chicago to Washington, DC. There, I’ll be covering National Security for Medill Reports Washington as well as other news outlets.

The next move - Chicago, Ill., to Washington, DC

I can’t believe how many times I’ve moved in the past couple years. Berlin, own apartment – Berlin, WG – Berlin, back home – Chicago, dorm – Chicago, apartment – DC. I’m a master at packing, in case you’re wondering.

I also can’t believe the things I haven’t done in Chicago:

  • ice skating at Grant Park
  • visit the Museum of Science and Industry
  • eat a deep dish pizza
  • look at the city from atop the Willis Tower (I’m counting on Abby to do this with me!)

So there’s lots of stuff to catch up in the last two weeks. Besides reporting, finishing up projects, packing, celebrating the end of the quarter, and saying goodbye to friends. That’s the saddest part of every move.

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