Sea levels encroach upon Virginia coast

The EPA report said governments have three options to deal with sea-level rise: They can stay on the well-worn path of building expensive protection and raising streets and buildings. They can beat an organized retreat from the shore, perhaps by offering financial incentives to people and organizations to move inland. Or they can allow people to do whatever they want for their waterfront properties but tell them in no uncertain terms that they are on their own when the waters rise.

A boy stands in the ocean at Virginia Beach. Photo by DavidLind on Flickr used under Creative Commons.

From “A new way of thinking as sea levels rise,” a Washington Post piece that outlines the difficult realities facing the Norfolk and Virginia Beach area, but also shows that planners and government officials there are starting to take a more serious look at sea level rise. The Norfolk area is facing the double whammy of rising sea levels caused by a warming climate and the sinking of its land for geological reasons.

The Navy base in Norfolk is at sea level, as are many other U.S. military bases. Sarah Chacko created an interactive graphic explaining some of the challenges facing these bases as part of the Global Warning project where I was also a fellow.

3 thoughts on “Sea levels encroach upon Virginia coast

  1. Where is the water going to come from to raise the sea levels ? It cannot be melting sea ice, that is already part of the level. Only land ice can raise sea levels and that,acording to the scientists in the Arctic and Antarctic is thickening. How can Norfolk have sea rise of 14. /12 inches and nowhere else. The answer, is the editors comment in the NY Times, the land is reclaimed marshland and has subsided 14. 1/2ninches in the last 30 years. After the United Nations,,parent body of the IPCC, rejected stories of huge sea rises by them as nonsense unsupported by science. The IPCC agreed with mainstream science it was 1.7m/m,s per annum. The Global warming /Climate Change is just a huge financial/political invention to raise taxes. There is no evidence anywhere in the world of global warming. Al Gore’s fantasy film was destroyed easily in Britain’s High Court by the worlds scientists. The ice breaking off, not melting, in the Arctic was on the cinema screens 60 years ago, Mt Kilamajaro’s snow melting back 80 years ago. Beware the truth.

  2. Thats the truth. You have seen Al, Gore’s film. Now see the BBC documentary: “The Great Global Warming Swindle.” It has the mainstream scientists not allowed to be heard. Like Dr Akaksofu, ex Director of the; American?Japanese International Arctic Research Centre. !4 groups of scientists and climatologists in the Arctic, the most sensitive area for climate fluctuations but never heard. Why is the primary climate laboratory in the world not the focus of climate change. Why was a world renowned environmentalist, Dr David Bellamy, banned from the BBC and other media outlets for saying it is just a climate fluctuation. Why have some of the top 27,000 scientists who signed a petition rejecting Global Warming received death threats, MONEY !!! It is a enormous industry, employing hundred of thousands. Why did The University of West Virginia try to get an injunction to stop access to the Freedom of Information Act , re their $100,000,000 climate change Grant. Producing only the faked up Hockey Stick scenario.

  3. Hi Derek,
    In Norfolk the high sea level rise in due to two delevopments going on at the same time: Rising global sea levels and sinking land (for geological reasons). Add to that human development on the coast and you get a situation like the one described.

    Many scientists consider the IPCC estimate conservative, saying that even their most far-reaching scenario makes assumptions about reductions of carbon emissions that likely won’t become a reality.

    The U.S. Global Change Research Program has some recent reports on the issue:

    and if scientists don’t convince you, how about the military? The U.S. Navy, for one, is forging ahead with planning for a warmer world and says that will significantly impact the way it operates in the future.

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