New projects, new adventures await

Today is my last day at ABC7/ WJLA in Washington, where I’ve been a web editor for the past nine months.

I recently started a new project, blogging about the 2012 Presidential election in German. After two and a half years of living and reporting in the U.S., I’m well positioned to relay the sometimes bizarre, always high-stakes Presidential campaign to German readers. I want to explore new ways to integrate social media into this effort, drawing inspiration from the many smart people whose work I follow and admire.

With my time in the U.S. coming to a close thanks to the expiration date on my visa, I’m also planning to travel and explore corners of this country that I haven’t seen.

Among my favorite moments at WJLA are writing and photographing a special report for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Reporting gives me such joy, and I had the chance to meet some remarkable people who shared their memories with me. On the website, I was thrilled that users responded to my interactions with them, asking me questions and sometimes writing to me by name (which made deleting all those profanities worth it).

I was excited to jump into expanding WJLA’s social media presence with the web team, and one of my final undertakings was a presentation about our Facebook strategy. It’s gratifying to find the numbers show what I’ve believed all along: that good, interesting, relevant content is what engages people on social networks.

David, Justin, Caroline and Rebecca of the WJLA web team have been a great crew to work with and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. We helped steer the big ship of a major TV newsroom in the waters of digital media.

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