Degrees of nerdiness

Or how modern media is enabling the very character traits that made me highly unpopular in elementary school. I’m still emotionally scarred, but I think my inner geek is finally getting its revenge. Here’s proof.
paper clips

As if the stacks of magazines I have at home weren’t enough, I still cut out articles from newspapers. Admittedly, not that often. It’s much more pratical to bookmark those pieces online! The result is below.


Yes, I might be the only person on the Internet who has about 20 different folders for bookmarks, each with at least 20 links inside. That in addition to my Diigo bookmarks (Diigo is a social bookmarking tool similar to delicious).

Twitter I use even more enthusiastically – and it shows. Among the illustrous crowd I follow are many journalists (naturally) and news organizations (also, naturally). Then there’s ChartPorn. And Information=Beautiful. And Wired’s blogs on science and national security.

global marine life

Some interactive maps are mainly colorful. Click on image for link. Via @ChartPornOrg

In case you’re not yet convinced I was a nerd before being a nerd became cool:

At least I’m not alone.

New Year’s resolution: Stay organized!

It’s pretty much symbolic that my new year’s resolution post comes a week into 2010. Therefore, it’s all the more important that I stick with this plan!

I have to become better at doing things when I still have enough time to do them well, not when this little monster called deadline is staring me in the face. Otherwise, my next quarter of journalism school isn’t going to be very fun, because it’s packed with classes that require careful planning and thinking ahead. I’ve moved on from daily reporting to more in-depth, long form projects – which, of course, need a better organization!

My desk, organized

Organization is everything. Let's hope my desk stays this tidy for at least another week.

I’m already thinking about all kinds of cues from poster-sized planners to finding a work space at the newsroom or library so I can get everything done.

Another New Year’s resolution: Blog more often! Hopefully, this post is a start to putting that into action.

And finally, a resolution straight from my book-loving little heart: read more. I’m planning to read at least a couple pages every night of a book that has nothing to do with school, or keeping up with the news, or anything I “should” be doing. Just reading. Just for fun. Just because that’s what got me into journalism in the first place.

I’ll start with “Beyond the Green Zone – Dispatches from an unembedded journalist in occupied Iraq” by Dahr Jamail. The coverage of the Iraq war is one of the turning points in my life. It was a catalyst for me in wanting to become a reporter, wanting to tell stories better and include all sides. I’m already excited. Hopefully, my other resolutions will go into action just as well.